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Let's Play Geometry by L.N. Shevrin, V.G. Zhitomirsky, A. Repyev (Translator) PDF

By L.N. Shevrin, V.G. Zhitomirsky, A. Repyev (Translator)

ISBN-10: 999864819X

ISBN-13: 9789998648197

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And how architects need geometry. 55 WORKSHEET 1 Which of these angles is right, which is smaller than a right angle, and which is larger than a right angle? 2 Take a set-square and check to see if there are any acute angles here. And obtuse? And right? How many acute, obtuse and right angles are there? 3 ^ There are three angles in this drawine. ^ All of them are marked by different colours. But in this drawing there are six angles. 56 Find each of them and mark each by some colour. 4 5 Take a set-square and draw two equal acute angles.

So Point and Compasses set out on a journey. Compasses strode fast ahead. His legs were very long, but the poor little Point scuttled behind, hardly catching up with Compasses. Compasses saw that Point could not go at his pace, and so he put Point on his shoulders and walked even faster. He had been walking for an hour or so when suddenly he stopped: a huge ink sea barred their way. They could not go round it or skip over it. Rubber-Robber must have put it there to stop them. "What's to be done," asked Point.

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Let's Play Geometry by L.N. Shevrin, V.G. Zhitomirsky, A. Repyev (Translator)

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