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By Richard Hammond

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Automobile technological know-how is an intuitive and common kid's technology booklet in keeping with a subject pricey to kid's hearts: vehicles. In 4 sections, the publication contains: a timeline of car invention; a "how it really works" advisor to fashionable vehicles, with exploded diagrams, cutaways, and special effects; key physics strategies, all with regards to autos and the way they run; and a glance into the way forward for autos, together with green proposal automobiles.

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In Formula 1 cars, the brake pads create so much friction that they can heat to more than 1,000°F (500°C) and glow bright yellow. This thermal photograph shows how hot an ordinary car’s wheels get when it brakes. The front wheels get much hotter than the back ones because the car’s weight shifts to the front as you decelerate. indd 56 d 6 56 6 28/4/08 16:27:32 2 Science friction Two types of friction SLIDING STATIC Friction between the tires and the road stops a parked car from sliding down a hill when the handbrake is on.

They don’t smell too good! RIP 3 When plankton die, let them sink onto the sandy seafloor and turn into a layer of disgusting slime. 4 Now bury the plankton under a layer of sand. Do this slowly over millions of years. 28 US_28-29 Blackgold 28 30/4/08 3 90 0//5 /4 /4 4/08 4/ 08 15:14:28 15:14:2 15:14:45 28 28 Black gold The gasoline and diesel we put in cars are called fossil fuels because they really are made from fossils. When your mom or dad fills up the tank, they’re pouring in the ancient, rotten remains of billions of dead sea organisms.

In other words, it’s not how fast you go that counts, it’s how fast your fastness changes. And that’s what acceleration is all about. 45 seconds. Not even the Space Shuttle accelerates that fast. 9 on the Richter earthquake scale. All that power goes to the rear tires, which are gigantic for maximum grip (otherwise the engine’s power would simply make them spin). Needless to say, dragsters are pretty dangerous. And to drive one, you have to be very crazy and very brave. 42 29/4/08 2 99//5 /4 /4 4/08 08 18:18 18:18:5 18:18:59 29 59 5 9 Power Small is good The more power a car has, the faster it can accelerate—and the more thrilling the drive.

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