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Buckling of thin metal shells by J.G. Teng PDF

By J.G. Teng

ISBN-10: 0419241906

ISBN-13: 9780419241904

As a result of inherent homes of skinny shelled steel constructions, buckling is the most reason behind failure and is for this reason an issue of serious trouble and curiosity. This e-book is the assimilation of a wealth of contemporary examine, adventure and data at the topic. formerly scattered details is made to be had in a concise, handy and easy-to-understand shape and cutting-edge examine findings are completely tested. This e-book is appropriate to these concerned with such constructions as: airplane, missiles, submarines, silos, tanks, pipelines, chimneys and offshore structures.

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Teng and Rotter (1991a) appear to have been the first to investigate the nonlinear buckling behaviour of columnsupported cylinders numerically, quickly followed by several other studies (Ramm and Butcher 1991; Rotter et al. 1991; Guggenberger 1991; Teng and Rotter 1992b; Dhanens et al. 1993; She and Rotter 1993; Rotter 1993). Later extensions of these studies by Guggenberger (1996b), Li (1994), Li and Rotter (1996) and Guggenberger et al. (2000) have expanded our understanding considerably. A more complete discussion is given in Chapter 3.

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