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They explode a small bomb at the tip of a ship, so that the sound hits the bottom of the ocean and comes back to the ship. When they measure the time taken for this, they can easily calculate the depth of the ocean by using a simple formula. Clouds reflect sound and cause echo. When we hear the rumbling of thunder, this is the result of the first sharp clap being reflected again and again by the clouds. There was once a castle in Italy that used to produce thirty echoes for a word said in a loud voice.

Actually, it is the air between our eyes and that object which is moving, so we think the object itself is moving. It is exactly the same thing that happens when we see stars twinkle. Where do stars go during the day? Nowhere. TRey stay right where they are, only the sunlight is too bright for us to be able to see the stars. Shine a torch inside a room full of bright bulbs, and you would not be able to see the torchlight. Not until you turn all the lights off will the torchlight become visible.

Sometimes, if you walked into a large and empty room, and called out your name, you would have experienced your own voice calling out your name back to you! If you have gone to the mountains and shouted out from among many peaks, you would have heard what is termed as an echo. What is an echo? How is it created? Whenever we hear any sound, it is because the object or person producing the sound has disturbed the air around us. We say that sound waves have been produced; these waves are carried to our 40 ears as we hear the sound.

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