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Box Turtles (Nature Watch) by Lynn M. Stone PDF

By Lynn M. Stone

ISBN-10: 1575058693

ISBN-13: 9781575058696

From sea-living creatures to reptiles, to carnivorous vegetation, the 'Nature Watch' sequence caters for researchers and pleasure-readers alike, with a wealth of data and images of flora and fauna of their traditional environments the world over.

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Terrapin is a nickname for many kinds of turtles. True tortoises are turtles that live on land and have thick, blunt, elephant-like hind feet. Four species of true tortoises live in North America: the gopher tortoise of the Southeast, the Texas tortoise of southern Texas, the desert tortoise (shown here) of the Southwest, and the endangered Bolson tortoise of Mexico. means to escape someone bent on possessing it. The turtle can only retreat into its shell. As a result, people often pick up these harmless creatures to take home for pets.

37 B OX T U RTLE S A N D P E O P LE M ANY PEOPLES OF N ORTH A MERICA HAVE HAD A CLOSE relationship with box turtles. Native American sites more than 5,000 years old have revealed box turtle bones, which were probably leftovers from ancient feasts. More recent native people, including the Sioux and Kiowa, also have a tradition of eating box turtles. Beginning perhaps 2,000 years ago, some Native American groups began using box turtle shells in ceremonies. Shells filled with pebbles were used for rattles.

Lincoln: Massachusetts Audubon Society, 1997. edu. This site includes an Illinois Natural History Survey report on the eastern box turtle. com The site contains information on box turtles of all sorts. It also includes articles about how to care for box turtles and on turtle rehabilitation and conservation. gov/nathis/herpetol/boxturtles This is an online version of an article with photos from Conservationist magazine. It gives the natural histories of the three-toed and ornate box turtles. FURTHER READING George, William T.

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Box Turtles (Nature Watch) by Lynn M. Stone

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