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The books during this sequence make up an introduc tion to the technology of climate for all readers elderly 11 a nd over. The six volumes within the sequence are - Tornadoes, Drou ghts, Blizzards, Hurricanes, Floods, and A Chronology of Wea ther. '

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Occlusions can still be called cold or warm, however, because what matters is not the actual temperature of the air, but whether air to one side of a front or occlusion is warmer or cooler than the air behind it. In a cold occlusion the air ahead of the front is warmer than the air behind it and in a warm occlusion the air ahead is cooler, but both of these are cooler than the warm air that has been lifted clear of the surface. The diagram shows this in cross-section. As the warm air is lifted, clouds usually form and often bring precipitation.

These jet streams blow from west to east in both hemispheres. In summer there is also an easterly jet at about 2° N extending across Asia, southern Arabia, and into northeastern Africa. This jet stream blows from east to west. The jet streams are thermal winds. That is to say, they are generated by the sharp difference in temperature across the front separating two air masses. This difference is greatest close to the tropopause, which is why the jet streams occur at high altitude—the polar front jet stream at about 30,000 feet (9,000 m) and the subtropical jet stream at about 40,000 feet (12,000 m).

Direction of movement A tr o p o p a u s e cold front warm front cold air warm air cold air direction of movement B tr o p o p a u s e cold front cold air Frontal depressions warm front warm air cold air direction of movement C tr o p o p a u s e warm air cool air cold air direction of movement D tr o p o p a u s e warm air cool air cold air warm front cold front occluded front Occluded fronts Distribution of pressure 17 Jet stream During World War II, when high-altitude flying was new, aircrews sometimes found their journey times radically different from those they had calculated prior to takeoff.

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