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Download e-book for iPad: Blasts of Gas: The Secrets of Breathing, Burping, and by Melissa Stewart

By Melissa Stewart

ISBN-10: 0761441557

ISBN-13: 9780761441557

This attractive sequence teaches readers concerning the physique and its many gross capabilities.

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Without them, I might not have thought to include armpit burps or explain why you can see your breath while you wait for the bus on chilly winter mornings. My final step was to read articles from scientific journals and speak to scientists involved in the research. These interviews ensure that the book includes the most up-to-date information about why we yawn, why herring fart, and how ruminants’ burping contributes to global warming. — Melissa Stewart BOOKS Solway, Andrew. The Respiratory System.

All the gases the bacteria produce are constantly churning and tumbling inside your stomach and intestines. When your digestive system is full, food usually muffles the gassy growling. But when your digestive system is empty, the sound can be loud and embarrassing. A Gaggle of Gases You don’t eat the same kinds of foods as cows and sheep, and you don’t have the same kinds of bacteria living in your gut. So even though your bacteria produce some methane, they produce many other gases, too. The most common ones are carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Bronchiole—A tiny tube inside a lung. capillary—A tiny blood vessel through which oxygen and nutrients move into cells and carbon dioxide moves into the blood. carbon dioxide—An invisible gas that animals make as they use energy from food. cilium (pl. cilia)—A tiny hair. Cilia in the respiratory system sweep snot, mucus, and phlegm containing invading particles to the esophagus or mouth. 42 diaphragm—A sheet of muscles that forms the floor of the chest cavity. epiglottis—A flap of tissue at the top of the larynx.

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