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By Dr. rer. nat. Helmut H. Schaefer (auth.)

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C) ~ (d): If J is a minimal A-ideal contained in Jp and r(A IJ ) denotes the spectral radius of A IJ , then r(AIJ)=p; for, we must have r(AIJ)~P, and r(A IJ )

0 of AIJ is orthogonal to each positive eigenvector of ~IJp pertaining to p, which conflicts with (c). (d) ~ (b): Suppose x is an extreme point of ¢p. If the ideal J generated by {x} is not A-minimal, there exists a minimal A-ideal I properly contained in J. 3). Since YEJ, there exists a real number s>O such that z=x-sy>O; but x=sy+z (note that p z = A z) contradicts the extreme point property of x, since y cannot by a scalar multiple of x.

There exists a unitary diagonal matrix D;. such that (1) Note. The subsequent proof will show that D;. is unique to within a unimodular scalar factor; the diagonal entries of D;. can be taken to be sgn~i for any vector x = (~i) i= 0 satisfying ).. x = B x. Proof. Without loss of generality we can suppose that r(B)= r(A) = 1. Suppose that ax=Bx where xi=O,lal=1. Then Ixl;£IBllxl and,byhypothesis,lxl;£IBllxl ;£Alxl. 2), it follows that Ixl =IBllxl =Alxl. Hence Ixl ~O, and this implies IBI =A by virtue of IBI ;£A.

H o ... 0 where the zero blocks in the main diagonal are square. Proof. There exists a permutation Jr of {1, ... 5), Part (iv)) belong to the indices dor which kv ~ i ~kv+1-1, where v=0,1, ... ,h-1 and 1=ko

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