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Asteroids, Comets and Meteors by Miller R. PDF

By Miller R.

ISBN-10: 0822563630

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While one technology fiction writer referred to as the asteroids "ten thousand fleas at the useless puppy of night," he used to be in simple terms reflecting the overlook astronomers as soon as had for those mysterious objects-most of which have been thought of little greater than nuisances. this present day, astronomers have an entire new appreciate for asteroids, comets, and meteors. The collision of an asteroid with Earth could have spelled the top of the dinosaurs-and a destiny collision may possibly finish lifestyles as we all know it on our planet. Likewise, the icy mounds known as comets are usually not simply infrequent, sleek apparitions within the evening sky, they're one of the best items within the sunlight process, possibly conserving clues to the beginning of the sunlight approach itself. This ebook explores those little-known yet attention-grabbing denizens of outer area.

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Some astronomers have used radar. By bouncing signals off an asteroid, scientists can determine its shape, size, period of rotation, and other information. The asteroid 216 Kleopatra was explored this way. Scientists can learn about the shape of many asteroids because most of them rotate as they orbit the Sun. A perfectly spherical asteroid would look pretty much the same all the time, since any one side of it would look like another. Even though it might only appear to be a tiny spot of light in a telescope, astronomers would know that it was of a fairly even shape because its light would remain steady.

The meteors seem to radiate from a central point, but this is only an effect of perspective, just as parallel railroad tracks seem to converge toward the horizon. EXPERIMENT: COLLECTING METEOR FRAGMENTS Needed: Cookie sheet Plastic wrap Magnet Piece of paper Magnifying glass Line the cookie sheet with the plastic wrap and place it somewhere outdoors where the sky above is unobstructed and the sheet is protected from the wind. Let the sheet stay outdoors for at least a week. When you bring it back indoors, it will be filled with all sorts of debris: leaves, dirt, dead bugs, etc.

There is a curved, yellowish tail called the dust tail, since that is what it is mostly (42) Comets can have very elliptical orbits. As a comet approaches the Sun, it warms up and a tail starts to form. The tail always points away from the Sun, whether the comet is approaching it or receding, as the gases that form the tail are pushed away by the solar wind. The comet’s tail does not indicate its direction of motion. The second, and usually dimmer, tail is the ion tail or gas tail. It is caused by particles of the solar wind pushing electrically charged atoms (ions) from the coma.

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