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Amphetamine Syntheses (1998) used to be a world blockbuster. the hot and more advantageous commercial version is now on hand, jam jam-packed with state-of-the-art drug chemistry, scorching new formulation written through a number of the maximum minds of the 20 th century. Small city mother and dad labs throughout the USA to the multi-ton labs of worldwide prepared crime, how they make medicines and what they use to lead them to. Otto has prepare the main particular syntheses at the bulk creation of psychedelic amphetamines, precursors and discount rates. MDA, MDMA (XTC), DOB, TMA, PMA, MDEA (Eve), DOM (STP) & different renowned stimulants, eg. methylcathinone, phenetermine, aminorex, ephedrine. it is simple studying but, specific, hardcore, psychedelic amphetamine chemistry. eg. Methylcathinone and different psycho-stimulants from non-list chemical substances. creation of precursors from fertilizer, spices, barks, seeds and oils. accelerated steel & electrolytic mark downs. Bulk construction of aid & checklist chemical compounds from solvents & universal chemical substances on the neighborhood ironmongery shop. countless numbers of reactions are defined, present drug legislation and record chemical compounds. four hundred+ references. UV Laminated, index

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A neurologist in San Jose, California, says that working with the Centers for Disease Control they have identified 400 persons who have been exposed to MPTP which causes Parkinsonism, and irreversible form of brain damage that is appearing. This doctor says that its is the tip Chapter 5: Designer Drugs 43 of the iceberg. Seven of those persons, almost 2 percent of those known who are so severely ill, are permanently crippled and in danger of dying of the disease. Twenty of these persons were exposed, another 5 percen t have mild symptoms of the disease.

Patients must be treated with compassion, understanding and empathy or psychiatry becomes a pill mill. This country needs more research and faster drug development. Psychiatric drugs will remain the arsenal against what afflicts the human condition; until a better understanding of disease mechanisms is achieved; until governments, states, agencies, associations, institutions and communities recognize the needs of and protect the rights of the individual and families. Many psychologists and psychotherapists were caught off guard with the DEA's emergency scheduling of MDMA under Schedule 1 in July 1985.

Source: DEA 0212001 not regulated not regulated not regulated not regulated 50 gallons 1 159 kgs 1 not applicable 50 gallons not regulated not applicable Benzyl chloride Ethyl ether Hydrochloric acid 2 Hydrogen chloride 2 (anhydrous) 1023 kgs 150 kgs 1 Domestic Sales by volume by weight Acetic anhydride 250 gallons Acetone 50 gallons 1 (2-Propanone; Dimethyl ketone) List 2 Chemicals Thresholds for Regulated Transactions in List 2 Chemicals \C N ('\:) s. t~ ~ ;::s ~ t:;"" ~ rio ~ ('\:) Q u" ""! 04 A record must be kept for two years from the date of transac- tion.

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