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By Harry Henderson

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This paintings provides the existence and noteworthy accomplishments of a popular 20th-century scientist whose extraordinary contributions to his box have garnered around the world appreciate and popularity.

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Turing and the MIT (later Caltech) physicist were contemporaries, though separated by the Atlantic. As far as we know, they never met. ) And like Turing, Feynman was able to grasp the problem by visualizing it in its simplest terms. As a result, Feynman showed that what had appeared to be an infinitely complex problem could be tackled through a series of manageable computations. Feynman then devised a system of diagrams to aid in each step in the series, thus making quantum mechanics far more accessible to succeeding generations of students.

The simplest one is to divide the given number by every number from 2 up to the half of the number and see if it ever divides evenly. If it doesn’t, the number is prime. There are certainly faster algorithms, but as the potential prime numbers get bigger the amount of computation required goes up rapidly. Nevertheless, the algorithm always works in theory. Turing’s key insight was that Hilbert’s question about provability was mathematically equivalent to that of computability. And any properly constructed set of computing instructions should, in theory, be able to be carried out by a machine—a computer.

However, Scherbius knew his best potential customer for the Enigma would be the Imperial German Navy, which needed secure radio communications for its fleets. Therefore, he wrote to the German navy about his machine, noting in his letter that he thought his cipher machine had several significant advantages. ” In effect, the Enigma would not be a single cipher, but a means to generate a continuous series of ever-changing patterns. ” 42 Alan Turing A German U-boat, probably a U-47, returning to Kiel, Germany, from a war patrol, photographed from or near the battleship Scharnhorst in late 1939 or early 1940.

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