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New PDF release: Adaptivity and Learning: An Interdisciplinary Debate

By Reimer Kühn, Randolf Menzel, Wolfram Menzel, Ulrich Ratsch, Michael M. Richter, Ion-Olimpiu Stamatescu

ISBN-10: 3642055109

ISBN-13: 9783642055102

ISBN-10: 3662055945

ISBN-13: 9783662055946

Adaptivity and studying have in fresh a long time turn into a standard trouble of medical disciplines. those matters have arisen in arithmetic, physics, biology, informatics, economics, and different fields kind of concurrently. the purpose of this booklet is the interdisciplinary discourse at the phenomenon of studying and adaptivity. diverse views are provided and in comparison to locate fruitful innovations for the disciplines concerned. The authors decide on difficulties displaying consultant qualities about the body up, the equipment and the achievements instead of to give prolonged overviews.

To foster interdisciplinary discussion, this booklet offers different views from numerous medical fields, including:

- The organic viewpoint: e.g., body structure, behaviour;

- The mathematical point of view: e.g., algorithmic and stochastic learning;

- The physics point of view: e.g., studying for man made neural networks;

- The "learning by means of event" point of view: reinforcement studying, social studying, synthetic life;

- The cognitive viewpoint: e.g., deductive/inductive methods, studying and language studying as a excessive point cognitive process;

- the applying point of view: e.g., robotics, keep watch over, wisdom engineering.

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In other words, they are a potential substrate for a central integration of diverse vertically processing, domainspecific modules. The mushroom bodies are intimately related to olfactory learning and memory and establish a memory trace after olfactory conditioning (for review see Menzel1999). Their volumetric increase in honeybee foragers has been related to the necessity imposed by spatial learning and navigation (Withers et al. 1993). However, spatial learning could be only a small fraction of a more general function, which could be building of non-elemental associations, in particular configura!

Intracellular recording of VUMmxl was performed during differential conditioning to two odours, a forward- paired one (CS+ ), and a backward-paired one (CS-). Such conditioning leads to an enhanced response of VUMmx 1 to the CS+ but not to the CS(Hammer 1993). Afterwards, presentation of the CS+ alone activated VUMmx1 but presentation of the CS- alone did not. The transfer of excitatory activation from the US to the CS+ is an important result as it may provide the basis for the socalled second-order conditioning, a phenomenon documented in PER conditioning (Bitterman et al.

1991), geometry (Lehrer et al. 1995), size (Ronacher 1998), spatial frequency (Hertz 1933; Horridge 1997), depth (Lehrer et al. 1988), motion contrast (Srinivasan et al. 1990) and bilateral symmetry (Giurfa et al. 1996). Although for obvious reasons no physiological studies of brain activity can be 28 Martin Giurfa and Randolf Menzel undertaken in a free-flying animal, this paradigm has the advantage that behavioural richness is more evident than in PER where the animal is restrained. e. a forager that has always to come back to the same departing site, the hive) to study how this insect navigates in its environment while flying between the hive and a food source.

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Adaptivity and Learning: An Interdisciplinary Debate by Reimer Kühn, Randolf Menzel, Wolfram Menzel, Ulrich Ratsch, Michael M. Richter, Ion-Olimpiu Stamatescu

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