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Download PDF by Robert Gardner: Ace Your Science Project Using Chemistry Magic and Toys

By Robert Gardner

ISBN-10: 1464505047

ISBN-13: 9781464505041

Get youngsters drawn to technology whereas making toys and doing magic methods with the original experiments during this booklet. Make a "genie" in a bottle, a flame that jumps, a toy electrical motor, and extra! research chemistry and physics whereas having enjoyable. Many experiments contain high-interest rules to get youth concerned with technological know-how festivals. scholars can ace their subsequent technological know-how venture or try out utilizing magic and toys!

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When it is added to the vial with 3 drops of ammonia, the ammonia, which is basic, causes the phenolphthalein to turn red, making it appear to be dragon’s blood. The “dragon’s blood” is then poured into the next vial, which contains 10 drops of vinegar. There is enough acidic vinegar to neutralize the ammonia and provide an excess of acid. The resulting solution is clear because phenolphthalein is clear in an acid. 4 Magical Bubbles Materials: water phenolphthalein (borrow this liquid indicator from your school’s science department) liquid dish detergent eyedropper household ammonia flask or small bottle with a capacity of about 250 mL (1 cup) newspapers 2 seltzer tablets Warning: Do not put anything containing ammonia near or in your mouth or eyes!

When the stopper is firmly in the mouth of the flask, air cannot escape. The water that enters the funnel compresses the air below it enough to make the pressure inside the flask equal to the pressure of the air and the small column of water in the funnel. Since pressures are equal, water will not flow through the funnel. When you turn the funnel and flask upside down, a few drops of water enter the funnel. This increases the volume of air trapped above the water, which lowers the pressure of the air.

Use a spatula or spoon to transfer the potassium hydroxide from its bottle to a weighing paper on the balance. Once weighed, the solid can be poured from the paper into the flask. Heat will be produced when this strong base is added to water. 04 oz) of dextrose (glucose) and a pinch of methylene blue. Stir to dissolve the two solids. The solution is not stable, so you should prepare a fresh solution before each show. THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE MAGIC In a basic solution, methylene blue turns to a cloudy gray compound.

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