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By Robert Gardner

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Solids, beverages, and gases–oh my! study all concerning the states of subject and primary actual rules with the joys technological know-how experiments during this ebook. discover when you could make water stream upward, if carbon dioxide is heavier than air, and extra! Many experiments comprise principles scholars can use for his or her technology reasonable.

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When you pinch the jets of water, surface tension holds the combined streams together. If you brush them apart with your hand, the individual surface tensions will take over and keep the streams separate. Similarly, wetting the hairs of an artist’s paintbrush allows the bristles to be smoothed to a fine point. Flicking the point with a finger splays out the bristles. FIGURE 11: Observing surface tension. a) A can, open at top, has three evenly-spaced holes at the bottom. b) Diagram of paper spiral to be cut.

Use a small nail to make a hole in a sheet of cardboard. Put the strange stuff on the cardboard. Does it leak through the hole? Play with this strange material. Test it in various ways. Does it behave like a liquid, a solid, or both? If you want to save this substance and show it to others, store it in a covered container. If it dries, just add a little water. Chapter 3 The Properties of Water WATER CAN BE FOUND AS A SOLID (ICE), A LIQUID (WATER), OR A GAS (WATER VAPOR). It has very interesting properties because of its structure.

Vary the positions of the center pivot and the suspension positions of the pans. How and why do the positions of the pivot point and pan suspensions affect the balance? See if you can build a balance that will measure very small masses such as a postage stamp. Then see if you can build a balance that will measure large masses such as you and your friends. One of the fundamental laws of nature is the law of conservation of mass, which states that mass cannot be created or destroyed. Under adult supervision, design and carry out experiments to show that mass is conserved during chemical reactions as well as during physical changes such as melting and freezing.

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