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This article covers the conventional procedure of teams, earrings, fields with the combination of computing and purposes present in components similar to coding concept and cryptography. utilized examples are used to help within the motivation of studying to turn out theorems and propositions. the character of workouts during this textual content diversity over numerous different types together with computational, conceptual and theoretical. those routines and difficulties permit the exploration of latest effects and concept. The versatile association can be utilized in lots of alternative ways to stress concept or purposes. It comprises positive factors and in textual content studying aids, purposes inside each bankruptcy, volume and caliber of examples and workouts, supplementary issues, stability of concept and arithmetic, ancient notes, and machine technology tasks.

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Show that multiplication distributes over addition modulo n: a(b + c) ≡ ab + ac (mod n). 24. Let a and b be elements in a group G. Prove that abn a−1 = (aba−1 )n . 25. Let U (n) be the group of units in Zn . If n > 2, prove that there is an element k ∈ U (n) such that k 2 = 1 and k = 1. −1 26. Prove that the inverse of g1 g2 · · · gn is gn−1 gn−1 · · · g1−1 . 27. 6: if G is a group and a, b ∈ G, then the equations ax = b and xa = b have unique solutions in G. 28. Prove the right and left cancellation laws for a group G; that is, show that in the group G, ba = ca implies b = c and ab = ac implies b = c for elements a, b, c ∈ G.

This subgroup is called the center of G. EXERCISES 53 47. Let a and b be elements of a group G. If a4 b = ba and a3 = e, prove that ab = ba. 48. Give an example of an infinite group in which every nontrivial subgroup is infinite. 49. Give an example of an infinite group in which every proper subgroup is finite. 50. If xy = x−1 y −1 for all x and y in G, prove that G must be abelian. 51. If (xy)2 = xy for all x and y in G, prove that G must be abelian. 52. Prove or disprove: Every nontrivial subgroup of an nonabelian group is nonabelian.

Prove that 12 + 22 + · · · + n2 = n(n + 1)(2n + 1) 6 for n ∈ N. 2. Prove that 1 3 + 2 3 + · · · + n3 = n2 (n + 1)2 4 for n ∈ N. 3. Prove that n! > 2n for n ≥ 4. 4. Prove that x + 4x + 7x + · · · + (3n − 2)x = n(3n − 1)x 2 for n ∈ N. 5. Prove that 10n+1 + 10n + 1 is divisible by 3 for n ∈ N. 6. Prove that 4 · 102n + 9 · 102n−1 + 5 is divisible by 99 for n ∈ N. 7. Show that √ n a1 a2 · · · an ≤ 1 n n ak . k=1 8. Prove the Leibniz rule for f (n) (x), where f (n) is the nth derivative of f ; that is, show that n n (f g)(n) (x) = f (k) (x)g (n−k) (x).

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