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Have your chimney checked for creosote deposits regularly, until you find out how quickly it builds up in the system. Conventional wood heaters can produce creosote quickly because they can’t burn the wood as completely as advanced combustion designs. In severe cases of smouldering, it may take only a few days for enough creosote to build up to sustain a chimney fire. The new, low-emission wood stoves burn the wood so completely that, when operated properly, their chimneys normally need cleaning only once a year.

Most installations are taller than this, but those in cottages with shallow-pitch roofs or in single-storey buildings with flat roofs may not. If you experience draft problems with a short system, consider adding to the chimney’s height. However, if your chimney runs up the outside wall of the house, making it taller may not improve draft, because the extra heat loss cancels out any benefit. Suitable Chimney Options Two general categories of chimneys are approved for use with wood-burning appliances: the 650°C factory-built chimney and the masonry chimney.

Installing Pellet-Burning Appliances You can find the installation guidelines for certified pelletburning appliances in the manufacturer’s instructions. The manual provides details of clearances, the materials used to vent the exhaust and the arrangement of vent components. Almost all pellet stoves use a small fan to force the exhaust through the venting system, so they do not rely on natural chimney draft for normal operation. Also, since the fuel and air mixture can be adjusted and set once the unit is burning cleanly, the fire in a pellet stove is unlikely to smoulder and produce creosote.

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