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A Dictionary of Superstitions and Mythology

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Bubák, Bumann, Biasd na Srogaig. Boggart: In Lancashire this is a peculiarly mischievous spirit and is closely allied to the Brownies. Boil: Boils can be cured by keeping muscatels in one’s pocket. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. I, p. ) St. Rooke can also cure boils. Bolt: Vide Lock. Bone: It is lucky to find bones (WUTTKE, p. 96). Vide Lucky Finds. Bonnet: To dream of losing a bonnet prognosticates a speedy marriage. Bonze: If a Japanese fisherman, while going to fish, meets a bonze (priest), he is sure to have bad luck in fishing; the strict bonze does not eat fish.

A jewel which is supposed to have the power of granting all desires. It is said to have belonged to Brahma, who himself is called by this name. , p. ) cf. Aladin’s Wonderful Lamp. ” Gods or deified mortals who live for long periods. Chiron: Gr. Myth. A Centaur, tutor of Achilles and other heroes. Chitra-lekha: Hindu Myth. ” A nymph who was skilled in painting and in the magic arts. Chlvnik: A Russian household spirit who lives in the cattleshed. Choking: Vide Hiccough. Cholera: In cases of epidemics of this disease, Obla Bibi is invoked by the Hindus.

71). Crocodiles are said to weep over a person’s head after they have devoured the body, and then eat the head. They moan and sigh like a person in distress in order to allure passers-by, and then make them their prey. Humming birds and lapwings will fearlessly enter the crocodiles’ mouth, and the creatures will never injure them, because they pick their teeth. Cronus: Gr. Myth. A Titan who dethroned his father and was in turn dethroned by his son Zeus. He was a god of harvest and was identified by the Romans with Saturn.

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