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Unless the correct password is entered for each LMP, you will not be allowed to activate GO in the OPERATION main window. If you have any difficulty recovering the password for an LMP board, you can get it again from SERCEL: you simply have to supply the Serial Number appearing on the printed circuit of the board. After installing a new release of 408UL software, you have to enter a new password for each LMP board. • Plotter: The licence for plotters cannot be typed on the keyboard. It is supplied to you on a floppy disk.

In addition, after adding or changing an LCI board in a 408XL, the system may ask you to reload LCI software (see 408UL Installation manual). 2-2 January 2003 User’s Manual Vol. 1 The 408UL Install window Configuration . 2 • Telemetry type The Telemetry type buttons let you choose between: • Cable telemetry: Choose this option if no radio telemetry units (REM, SU6-R) are used. LRU radio relays and MWL micro-wave links can be used, however. • Radio telemetry: Choose this option if radio-only telemetry is contemplated.

For supported printers, see 408UL Installation Manual (Software installation). NOTE: The serial printer should be connected to serial port B. e. if you wish to implement the vehicle tracking function), activate the “Use MRU” button. As a result you have to do the following: • From the “GPS Port 1” button, select the serial port to use for the vehicle tracking function. The “Base Port” button allows you to choose a second serial port to be used for service messages from the tracking box. If a VE416 DPG is used, you are not allowed to connect the tracking box to port A (termA).

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